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No matter how good a tattooist you are, your tattooing craft is still greatly dependent upon the Tattoo Machine (gun) kit you use. A beginner’s tattoo artist who is about to set foot in the tattoo market should comprise a Tattoo tool kit which is ought to include basic tattoo equipment such as a tattoo machine, power connectivity, clip cord, armature bar nipples, tattoo ink and tattoo needles. That’s like a must-have starter pack.

BUYING GUIDE: Best Tattoo kit (Tatoo Gun Kit)

Couple of things to consider before purchasing a Tattoo machine kit

1. Tattoo machine which is made up of iron and brass has the most promising quality.

2. Needle stroke length.

3. Better if has a cartridge, rather than a needle.

4. Cost-effectiveness.

Types of Tattoo machines

They are mainly divided into three categories.

1. Coil – Coil tattoo machine uses electromagnetic current which consequently releases the machine’s amateur bar which in turn release spring to help penetrate the needle into the skin.

2. Rotary– They are non-traditionally built and encompassed with a motor for the needle to keep moving.

3. Wireless Tattoo machine– They are battery-supported Machines. No need for a tattoo pedal or power supply cords.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Tattoo Machines you can consider buying based on their relative comparison. At the end of the list, we’ll let you know what we suggest as the best-in-value purchase.

1. Dragonhawk MG3 Tattoo Gun kit

Dragonhawk MG3 Tattoo Gun kit
Dragonhawk MG3 Tattoo machine Rotary Pen Starter Bundle

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Dragonhawk MG3 rotary pen tattoo machine with a Working Voltage of 6-9V is designed for accuracy and precision and is suitable for tattoos of all sorts. An Easy to assemble tattoo kit. Surprisingly you won’t hear noise while tattooing which is a feature rare to found.

For a smooth-running tattooing experience go for it without a second thought. Dragonhawk products swear to never let you down.

Price – $42.99

Voltage– 6-10V

Coils – Tenfold, Copper

Dragonhawk MG3 Rotary Tattoo Pen Features

  1. Dragonhawk MG3 Rotary tattoo pen machine
  2. RCA cord
  3. Tattoo cartridges
  4. Tattoo foot pedal
  5. Tattoo power supply
  6. Transfer paper
  7. Synthetic practise skin
  8. Mixed colour ink
  9. Ink cup


✅ Unparalleled accuracy and control.

✅ Dagonhawk MG3 Rotary pen has an Advanced quality powerful Japanese custom motor.

✅ It has a weight of only 135g which makes it handy while tattooing.

✅ Compatible with all available cartridges grips.

✅ To prevent ink backflow membrane is present.

✅ Speed of 9V/10000rpm.

✅ Amazing feature of stroke adjusting through twist grip.


❌ Tattooing instruction & warning manual isn’t included in the kit.

❌ Ink included is only to be practised upon synthetic skin.

❌ No Round liner cartridges are included in the package.

2. Solong Tattoo Rotary Pen / Gun/ Machine Kit

Solong Tattoo Rotary Pen Gun
Solong Tattoo Rotary Pen Gun


Is a heavy tattoo pen is making it hard for you to keep tattooing for long hours?

The Solong Tattoo Rotary Pen Gun is the tattoo gear you have been looking for. This tattoo pen kit is ought to give a handy operational experience as it is made up of lightweight Aircraft aluminium material which makes it suitable for long hours of tattooing. With best-in-class contemporary sleek design due to its anodized touch makes it a class apart from other tattoo gadgets. Tattoo gadgets are something professionals take pride in collecting and this can be a potential gear for your premium collection.

Solong Tattoo Gun kit has operational sounds which feel like whispers to the ears. Unlike other tattoo guns, it doesn’t get hot due to long continuous working hours.

Motor– 10W

Operating voltage– 7-11V

Solong Tattoo pen kit Features

1. Tattoo pen

2. Cartridge- 50pcs

3. Tattoo battery

4. DC connector

5. Plug adaptor


✅ Efficient for long working hours.

✅ Whooping 1500mAh Battery life, which can be Charged from a phone adapter as well,

✅ Sturdy body

✅ Imported magnet ring in the motor which increases the tattoo pen life expectancy by about 2,000 hours.

✅ Cordless

✅ Long-lasting ink

✅ CE certified

✅ One-year warranty


❌ Loose battery

❌ Comes along with a cheap AC plug

❌ May turn off on its own.

❌ Can’t be tattooed with while charging.

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3. Wormhole Rotary Tattoo Machine kit

Wormhole Rotary Tattoo Gun
Wormhole Rotary Tattoo Machine / Gun kit


A Wormhole Rotary Tattoo machine kit can be a good option if you want to practise tattooing as a beginner without having to invest in premium tattoo gun kits.

About Wormhole Tattoo brand

Brands with products of modern aesthetics were founded in 2016. They are committed to producing tattoo supplies of affordable price ranges. With a large customer base, their customer satisfaction statistics are on point.

Wormhole Rotary Tattoo Machine kit Features

  1. A Tattoo pen
  2. RCA cord
  3. 1 power supply and cable
  4. 40 cartridges needles
  5. 1-foot pedal
  6. 1 Bandage


✅ Stong moter of 10,000Rpm

✅ Rca socket present

✅ Tattoo accessories of ergonomic design.

✅ 1 year of warranty on the power supply and tattoo pen.

✅ Requires minimal manoeuvrability.

✅ Cost-effective pricing of $141.99

✅ Lightweight and noise-free

✅ Optimal vibrations


❌ Prone to accidentally changing needle depth.

❌ Ink and needle that come along with the package can not be used on human skin.

❌ Suitable for practising for beginners only,          can’t be used by professionals grade tattoos.

❌ Runny inks and low-quality stencils.

4. Hawink Pro Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen Kit

Hawink Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen Kit
Hawink Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen Kit


Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine is easy to hold corn-style pen tattoo machine. Other then than the battery pack rest is all good..

Weight – 2.99 pounds

Stroke length 3.5mm

Hawink Rotary Tattoo Gun kit Features

1. Aluminium body tattoo machine

2. RCA cord

3. Tattoo ink set

4. Tattoo battery

5. Tattoo grip cover tape

6. Tattoo cup 30 pieces

7. Battery charging cable

8. Bubble bottle 40ml


✅ Advanced Corn pen Style tattoo machine

✅ High-quality motor with strong torque and smooth shaft rotation.

✅ Hawink Wireless Tattoo Machine is compatible with all sorts of cartridges needles.

✅ Unmatched precision

✅ Minimal to No vibration

✅ Comfortable to use for long sessions.

✅Wireless power supply

✅Water resistant


❌ Battery may swing around sometimes

❌ Setup can be a bit difficult as there is no instruction guide available in the package.

5. Stigma Rotary Tattoo kit

Stigma Rotary Tattoo kit
Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine pro kit


Professionally designed tattoo machine kit with CE certification. With a Working voltage of 12V Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit is a popular brand in the Tattoo kit market. However, it doesn’t have a wide variety of application purposes other than shading and lining.

Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit Package Includes

1. Tattoo ink (5)

2. Disposable silicon grip.

3. 20 pieces of cartridges

4. DC cord

And some other tattoo accessories as well.


✅ Stigma Rotary Tattoo machine is water resistant.

✅ Not at all noisy and claimed to be the quietest Tattoo machine in the market, unlike generic rotary machines.

✅ Comes with a 1-year of warranty.

✅ Comfortable to use.

✅ Beginner-friendly apparatus


❌ Tattoo ink provided with the package is not for professional utilization.

❌ power supply without display.

❌ Other needles can’t be used interchangeably.


Every tattoo machine is distinct in its features and customer satisfaction levels. The Tattoo Machine kit we liked the most was the Dragonhawk MG3 tattoo machine kit starter bundle. They have the best tools for tattoo apprentices. They are a cult classic trustworthy brand that most professionals recommend.

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