Picosecond Laser Pen Review (Neatcell) – Is it Safe to Use?

picosecond laser pen review

Are you looking for a perfect tool to get rid of your moles with a Neatcell picosecond laser pen? Have you gone fed up of seeing those scars on your skin? Do you want to remove your tattoo permanently? If any one of the above questions resembles your requirements, go through this Picosecond laser pen review below to meet your answers.

Having healthy and glowing skin is the ultimate need of almost every human being, but is that so easy to maintain it? There are certainly some factors that serve as hurdles in the path to success. One has to go through these to make his/her skin glow always.

Everyone wants to have clean and smooth skin. No one wants to have moles or scars on their face. But these are surely certain things that we can’t control to happen. The creation of moles is a very natural process, but having one sometimes looks very odd on your face. It’s not moles only that look odd on your skin, but yes, there are some other things such as scars that no one wants to have.

Tattoos have become a trend now, but surely, several people will not agree to retain them for a longer duration. Permanent tattoos generally mean you have to carry them on for your whole life on your skin. Technology has made various advancements now, and we have some tools that you can use for removing these things permanently from your skin as well.

Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pens have become one of the most trending tools these days that one can easily use for removing spots, moles, and tattoos from your skin permanently just by using a laser for it. But obviously, as we know the thing that the level of competition is excellent in the marketplace, it gets tough to find the best product easily.

To make it much easier for you, we are here with the Picosecond laser pen review by Neatcell.

What is Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen?

Are you getting excited about the name Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen review? Is your interest being raised consistently for purchasing Neatcell picosecond pen? If YES, wait a while, and let you know the thing entirely what exactly is Picosecond laser pen and for what purpose we generally use it; after all, it is a matter of your hard-earned money.

neatcell picosecond laser pen

Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen is one of the most in-demand tools today that has made it quite more comfortable to get rid of those annoying moles, scars, and tattoos on your body without making too much effort. In short, it is a magical tool that can do something amazing for you that surely no other device can do.


Without undergoing any painful treatment, it is just an excellent source that will relieve you of various skin issues without leaving any scars behind. A complete spotless skin, what will a person wants more than that?

So whether you have multiple moles on your skin or it’s some scars that are irritating you or you are willing to remove your permanent tattoo out permanently, Neatcell Picosecond Pen is just the right option that is going to make everything much smoother for you.

How does Neatcell Picosecond Laser pen work?

Whether you are preparing yourself for a party or it’s your marriage about to turn, whether you have taken part in a beauty show or you are willing to be part of military services, having clean skin is the last thing that we almost look forward to. It looks very annoying to have scars or moles on your glowing skin.

The worst thing is the removal of permanent tattoos. Gone are those days, when if once created, you have to carry out these for your whole life. We have technology-driven tools in our hands now that have made the task of scar, spot, or mole removal just a matter of few seconds. Neatcell Picosecond Pen is only the right option that is buzzing around in the market at this moment.

As the name describes well, picoseconds pen, it will hardly take a second to accomplish the process. Usage is one of the most common issues where most of the users felt short of experience. But is that so difficult to handle it? Surely not.

It’s all about technology, and if done correctly, one can quickly achieve the dedicated target. The functionality of the Neatcell Picosecond Pen depends upon the laser. The pen is a true user of picoseconds laser that will help in the breakdown of melanin particles present at the boot on of skin into powder particles. Once these melanin particles break down into finer particles, they then become part of the metabolism of your body and hence leave no traces behind.

Is Picosecond Laser Pen by Neatcell safe to use?

Neatcell Picosecond Pen is an FDA-approved technology that fires up rapidly and emits potent laser emissions that further dark-coloured melanin pigments without causing any harm to your skin.

So if you are worried about the burning feeling that most of the other tools give you, get relaxed, it is a painless experience that fades out the scars or tattoos from your skin slowly. It is a clinically validated technology that works effectively on tattoo removal, laser freckle removal, and melanin removal as well.

This FDA-approved technology uses powerful impulses of light at a prespecified wavelength that works very precisely on the preferred area only. It attacks the specific pigments only and does not include any pain or inflammation throughout.

In short, we can also say that you will not face any burned or damaged results at any time of treatment. It will only just be a tingling sensation that you will feel during the process, nothing else.


How to use the Neatcell Picosecond laser pen?

Well, usage is one of the most common things where most of the users get struck off. The picosecond laser pen is the ultimate symbol of technology that comes up with a straightforward and interactive interface that one can easily use. No more clutches, no more hanging platforms, it’s just a few buttons, and you will be there at the end of usage.

So, if you are also filling like getting entangled, follow the process given below to make your working process much more comfortable. Make sure that your device would have battery backup properly so that you can run it smoothly on various surfaces but if you are using a cord version, ensure that it is well connected to the socket.

  1. Plug in your Picosecond Pen machine and then press the Inten button and Fre/Hz button to select the option of intensity and frequency.
  2. While working on it, please ensure to start with the lowest intensity and frequency and then upgrade it to the latter stages as per your preferences. The 9th level is the lowest level here, and as we move backwards with the numbers, the standards will automatically rise.
  3. Now wear your protective glasses and if you require some help, be prepared for it with the previous setups. The tool is also easy to be used on your face as well, but in that case, you need outside help.
  4. Now take the hole of the picoseconds pen towards the spot where you actually want to use it and then press the Switch button consistently. Try not to stay at the same location for more than 3 seconds as it might cause harm to your skin also.
  5. The tool will work efficiently on melanin only. Don’t get afraid, as the mole or scar will turn up more black with time which will further fade and finally disappear with time. In case you use irritating issues, never use any irritating or excitable skin care products on it.
  6. Repeat the same process consistently for fewer days till the scars or tattoos get finally diminished.
  7. For washing up your face, make use of a damp cotton swab. Take proper care of the operation place and make sure to dry the water in time; otherwise, it can cause a severe infection also.
  8. Just adjust the tool for stronger intensity and frequency if you require quick results.

Picosecond Laser pen Instructions

Every product comes up with a set of instructions that are quite mandatory to follow for safe and secure access. Neatcell laser pen is one of the most convenient picoseconds pens that have made it quite easier to remove moles, tattoos, and scars from any skin kind. The instructions that you have to follow during the operation are:

  • Make sure to get started with the lowest level first and then upgrade yourself to the higher ones.
  • Adjust slowly to your preferred level.
  • If you are using a Blue laser pen, keep in mind that the 9th level is going to be the lowest frequency level.
  • Try never to stay in the same location for more than 3 seconds.
  • Never use any irritating or excitable skin care products during the spot removing process.
  • Keep your effective skin dry always. For cleaning, one can make use of a damp cotton swab.
  • Make use of stronger intensity if you want to remove your scars more quickly.

Features of Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen

It is one of the most awaited sections of every product; after all, it is all about what correctly product features. Coming up with a straightforward and interactive interface to work on it is one of the most excellent products that almost all of the users were eagerly waiting for. The product is assumed to be one of the best products in the marketplace to remove all of the unwanted spots and scars from your skin.

neatcell picosecond pen featurespicosecond mole removal pen

Fantastic performance, superb effectiveness, and quick results are some of the things that have made this picosecond pen more popular in the field of personal home skin care, training centre usage, and beauty salons. Some of the most amazing features of the Neatcell Picosecond Pen are:

  1. The pulse width of the laser beam is quite short and does not produce intense heat and light effects.
  2. The tool is quite useful but in the preferred place. Elsewhere it does not cause any harm or damage at any moment of usage.
  3. It is a powerful mole removal tool that offers about 2000000 rounds of laser emissions times that break down the dark-coloured pigment into fine powder directly.
  4. The blue light type includes nine files to control £¬4 powder files very efficiently.
  5. The tool is well equipped with a small LCD to watch out for the powder and file numbers instantly.
  6. Neatcell Picosecond Pen is straightforward to use.
  7. If you are willing to remove freckles, acne, marks, scars, moles, or nevus, or wanted to whiten your skin tone, the blue light type is the excellent option to go on.
  8. Higher will be the intensity and frequency of the laser beams more quickly will you get rid of those annoying marks or scars.
  9. One needs to make use of Neatcell Picosecond Pen for a longer duration for practical results.
  10. It is a top-rated product that comes up with a wide range of customer application range. It is more durable and safe to use. Moreover, protective glasses are there being included in the packaging to ensure the most regular usage of this product.
  11. The tool is quite useful, more extended, and faster that offers successful results without causing any damage to your skin.

Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen Reviews by Customers

Here are the Neatcell Picosecond Pen reviews by Customers;

Now, let’s look at what other customers are saying about the Picosecond laser pen.

1. Neatcell Picosecond Pen delivers all that it said about. Coming up in the range of one of the most beautiful scars and spot removal products, this tool is quite helpful in making your skin spotless. One might get confused with the instructions being provided there due to the involvement of technical terms. But the product is quite simple to use on.

2. You have to press some buttons over there to make your ride even smoother. It just the matter of few sessions over there and the annoying scars, moles and spots will be finally out of your body. No spots, no wounds, no severe impact, nothing is there that can force you to change your mind.

3. One thing that you have to care about is eyeglasses. We prefer here the usage of glasses to prevent your eyes, damage at any time of operations.

4. It is a multipurpose picoseconds pen that is being designed to full fill the needs of users. I had a tattoo on my finger, and I took off it very conveniently. No need to visit a professional or to waste your hard earned money as this beautiful product is there to help you out in various critical conditions.

5. I already have had some sessions with the professionals to remove an old scar from my face, and they are quite painful as well. But this tool is undoubtedly the ultimate need of all those who care about their skin and try to keep it safe at any cost.

6. The only thing I felt wrong about is the Chinese instructions being mentioned over there. Everyone can’t understand it and had to take the help of Youtube to watch out the usage videos. People love it, and love is reflecting on the sales also.


Why do we like Picosecond Laser Pen?

Benefits are unlimited here. It is the product that can offer you safe access over the mole, spot, or scar-removing process. Let us introduce here some of the fantastic advantages of the Neatcell Picosecond Pen so that you very well understand it.

  • Effectiveness is one of the leading qualities that we like about Neatclean Picosecond Pen thoroughly. The tool is quite useful in breaking down the dark-coloured file particles of melanin into fine powder-like particles in a very less period.
  • The tool is quite useful to offer faster laser beams and more focused laser energy that further fully help in cleaning the space and removing the sizeable standardized melanin problems very efficiently.
  • Making use of a more powerful laser beam will not cause any harm to your skin issues at any time of the process.
  • The product is quite comprehensive and reduces freckles and dark spots very efficiently. Moreover, this excellent tool also your skin very effective.
  • The tool does not include any bulging and damaging aftermaths and is hence absolutely safe to use and work on.

Why don’t we like Neatcell Picosecond Pen?

Nothing in this world is quite perfect. Everyone that owns some features and advantages already has a set of disadvantages as well. One needs to go through the cons of any product to make it well understandable.

Facing interferences during the usage of a product is one of the worst surprises that no one would surely want to have. To avoid this, it would be quite better to get aware of the various aspects of it so that we could remain prepared for the consequences as well. The most annoying things about the Neatcell Picosecond Pen are:

  • Instructions are quite messy. We often make use of directions being there on the product. But what to do if those are being written in a language that not everyone could understand? It is Chinese, and hence, we need to look forward to some reliable Youtube videos to find out the instructions.
  • The intensity of the beam is not up to the mark, and that is the reason why it takes a lot of time to get rid of the scars or spots eventually. One needs to undergo multiple sessions to ensure the proper deletion of those unwanted scars, places, or moles from your face.
  • Neatcell Picosecond Pen emits various harmful radiations and heating effects. One needs to wear glasses consistently while operating this product.
  • Neatcell Picosecond Pen is a cordless product. It depends upon the battery for its seamless usage. The battery backup is not up to the mark.
  • You have to charge your picosecond pen after a few sessions only.
  • One can’t work on itself alone. One needs to take help to operate the tool over there.
  • Usage of a Neatcell Picosecond Pen for more than 3 seconds in any area may harm your skin.

Picosecond Laser Pen Price

Well! You might be here waiting eagerly for the pricing section of this beautiful scar or spot-removing tool, Right? Well, the search for one of the most excellent products in any range does not get over with the meet of perfect one only, but it needs to be in an affordable budget to complete the purchase process finally.

Neatcell Picosecond Pen is a product that one doesn’t need at home much. It is a clinical product that is generally used by professionals. The product comes up with a price tag of $70.

Don’t forget to look at the warranty section while making any purchase; after all, it is a matter of your hard-earned money. You can easily find out various suppliers in the marketplace offering multiple deals at the purchase, so make a thorough search properly before cracking the final agreement. If you are purchasing it online, go with a trustable source Amazon only (LINK TO ORDER PAGE).

Picosecond Laser Pen Review Conclusion

Whether it is about removing your tattoos permanently or if these are the scars or moles that are irritating you, one needs to go for a proper skin treatment to get rid of them forever. It is a clinical product, but one can easily use it in their home as well. You have to follow up on the instructions being provided over there to use it.

The interface this tool includes is clean and quick and we almost can efficiently work on it. The best thing about this tool is that it does not leave any scars behind, and even the process is quite effective and painless. You will feel a tingling sensation only during the process. It is a cost-effective product that is designed to take care of any skin type without causing any harm to it.

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