4 Best Over the Counter (OTC) Skin tag removers

over the counter skin tag remover


In this post, we’ve reviewed best over the counter skin tag remover products that will help you getting rid of unwanted skin tags on your face and other parts of the body.

There are different skin problems which are quite disturbing and irritating as it affects your outer appearance. One such problem which does not cause any harm to the body but is bothersome is a skin tag. It is a small and flesh-coloured tissue that hangs off and can be used on any part of the body. It does not look good on the skin and so many people opt for a dermatologist to get rid of it. But today there are many over the counter skin tag removers that are very effective and can make it very easy.

4 Best over the counter skin tag removers

1. H Skin tags Formula (OTC)


h skin tags remover


(Recommended product) H skin tags formula has quality assured products and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee period. It is an FDA-listed product. You can blindly trust this removal formula.

The H-skin tags formula is a product of Healing natural oils, USA. The 750,000 products are ethically produced and happily used by customers worldwide.

Do you know, what?

I myself used this over the counter skin tag remover product by Amoils (H skin tags formula) and it really worked for me. You can read my personal experience here.

Features & PROS

  1. Easier to use and can be applied to sensitive areas.
  2. Natural and harmless ingredients
  3. It gives clear and smooth skin.
  4. No side effects or scars



  • No serious cons or side effects are reported till now.

2. TagBand Skin Tag Remover Device


tagband skin tag removal device


If you are looking to get rid of skin tags at home go for TagBand skin tag removal device which is quite easy to use. The design of this band is such that one can easily use it to remove the tag from the skin. This skin tag removal device is better to be used for 4-6 mm size tags. The best part is a single-use can help to get rid of the tag. This device stops the blood supply to the tags which makes the tag dry lastly they fall off.

This device also comes with a cleaning swab which is to cleanse the skin. This cleansing swab has to be used to cleanse the skin tag and the surrounding area before using the device. It comes with a complete instruction manual so that one can use it with ease.

Tag Band Skin Tag Remover Features

  1. Design is the key feature of the product as it is very easy to use and fits on the tag.
  2. It is the quickest and simplest way to get rid of skin tags. It is not made for a big tag as the maximum size that can be removed is 6mm.
  3. Manual instruction will make it easy to use the device. It comes with a swab that will help to cleanse the tag and surrounding portion.
  4. Blood supply to the tag is stopped with the device and this makes it shrink. Once the tag gets shrunk it falls off and thus you get rid of the skin tag.




  • It is a cost-effective and easiest method to get rid of the skin tag.
  • It can be used at home just by following the step b step instruction. Thus you can use it anytime and anyplace.
  • Using a skin removal device will not cause any bleeding or pain. The skin tag will be removed naturally within a few days.


  • It does not work on big skin tags.
  • It cannot be used on the soft skin part like the armpit.

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3. Amada pure OTC Skin Tag Remover


best over the counter skin tag remover


This skin tag remover lotion will help to remove the tag from the root. It might take time but if you are patient enough and willing to get rid of such tags go for it. This skin tag remover lotion is made with natural ingredients that are safe for our skin. It is cost-effective and will not require using any laser technology on the skin.

This Amada pure skin tag remover comes with repair lotion so that once the tag is removed it can be used to remove the scar. Thus it gives a complete solution to get rid of tags and give clean and beautiful skin. It has detailed instructions which must be followed. Once you apply the cream make sure to remove it with wipes within 2-3 minutes only. It is the natural and easiest way to get rid of skin tags.

OTC Skin Tag Remover Features

  1. Skin tag remover is the safest and fastest way to get rid of the skin tag.
  2. It works on both small and big tags. But it takes time so keep patience and follow instructions to get the required result.
  3. This cream is made with a natural ingredient which is sake for the skin.
  4. Going for laser UV technology or even dermatologists can cost you high but this product is quite affordable.




  • This skin tag removal can get rid of tags by yourself and thus you can use it at your home.
  • The cream removes the tag but leaves a scar and so the product comes with repair lotion. Using lotion regularly will even remove the scar.
  • Everyone can afford this type of skin tag remover and it is the best over the counter product.


  • This skin tag remover cannot be used on sensitive skin parts.
  • If there is any irritation or burning sensation do consult a doctor immediately.


4. HaloDerm OTC Skin Tag Remover


haloderm skin tag remover


HaloDerm is the fastest product that can remove skin tags with ease. It is made with natural ingredient that is safe for our skin and also capable to remove the skin tag. It directly affects the root of the tag and gives you beautiful and smooth skin. It does not have acid in it and so can be used on all types of skin. It is in the form of a cream that is to be applied on the skin tag and using it regularly for 5-7 days will help to get rid of the skin tag.

This effective homoeopathic product will dry up the skin tag and will make it fall off the skin. The herbal which’s used in this cream is scientifically proven and effective on the skin tag.

HaloDerm Skin Tag RemoverFeatures

  1. The cream is made with a homoeopathic formula that uses all-natural ingredients to get rid of the skin tag. The high quality and premium ingredients have made it the first choice to remove a skin tag at home.
  2. It is quite easy to use the cream for getting a quick result and beautiful skin.
  3. This natural skin tag remover can be used even on the face as there are no forms of acid that can irritate.
  4. Following the directions properly will help to get rid of skin tags within a weak.




  • It is a natural product that has no acid in its composition.
  • It is safe for all types of skin and can be used on any part of the body.
  • This is cost-effective and can give a quick and fast result.
  • It works on every type of skin tag but if it is big just be patient as it will take time to get rid of it.


  • It would leave a scar and so you need to use any lotion to repair it.
  • In an adverse condition, it may cause itching or discomfort.



If the skin tag is bothering you but unable to visit a dermatologist or buy expensive products go for these effective and budget-friendly skin tag removers. These products are quite effective on different skin tags and can help to get rid of them naturally. So feel free to use any such products to get rid of skin tags to get flawless skin.

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