Moroccan beauty rituals and their benefits

moraccan beauty secrets

Moroccan beauty secrets and rituals are effective and worth of including into your daily routine. There are many beauty treatments and products that were used by Moroccan women. Nowadays, they are used by modern women to look better and younger.

A list of ancient beauty rituals

There are many modern trends in the beauty industry, but more and more women are turning to ancient traditions and rituals, such as:

Moroccan black soap;
Kessa gloves;
Cosmetic argan oil;

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Historically, it was a very popular public bath, which is now marketed as a spa. Many locals attend their local bathhouses every week, and it’s a part of their lifestyles. Bath culture is so widespread for its numerous wellness, health, and beauty benefits. Hammam acts as a sauna and it’s separated into different sections of hot steam. The best part is that your skin gets detoxified due to exfoliating and scrubbing within steaming walls. The process includes cleansing with warm water and a deep scrubbing massage. You will leave this place relaxed, refreshed, and clean. Public baths act as an important part of community life.

Moroccan black soap

This kind of soap is a mixture of such ingredients as natural oils, black olives, glycerol, and local plants that form the solid paste rich in vitamin E. Use this ancient beauty secret to benefit your skin because this soap is organically and locally made. Lather it on your body and face and let it sit on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing it with clean water. To achieve maximum effects, use this soap before exfoliating. This is what will help you remove any dead skin, soften, and moisturize your skin. Moroccan black soap is often used for different dermatological and medical benefits.

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Kessa gloves

It’s a special scrubbing mitten that can be a great addition to your spa kit. Use it in a shower because its rugged and crepe fabric allows your skin to exfoliate while peeling off all dead skin cells. Cover your body with traditional black soap and use this glove by vigorously rubbing it. You will see many impurities coming off your skin. This energized self-massage will make your skin smoother and leave it reinvigorated.


Applying kohl is one of the most popular customs to get original smoky eyes. This black powder has been used for many years by Moroccan people. To benefit from it, you should apply this powder to your waterline.


It’s a blend of semi-permanent organic dye and one of the most popular beauty rituals. Henna is commonly used by women who stain their feet and hands. It also plays an important role during religious ceremonies, childbirth celebrations, and weddings. Moroccan women paint a variety of arabesques and motifs on their feet and hands with its help. If you want to have fiery-colored hair, use natural henna power dyes sold in many organic shops nowadays.


It’s a special Moroccan clay coming in powder forms, raw small bricks, and bottled treatments. This natural beauty product provides users with purification and cleanliness. Ghassoul is popular among local people for its smoothing and deep-cleansing effects on hair and skin. People buy it in power or raw forms to mix it with special raw water and get a terracotta muddy texture. You should try applying it on your face as a delicate scrubbing treatment or a mask. You can also apply it to your hair roots before rinsing and shampooing. The powerful astringent properties of ghassoul make it a very popular beauty option.

Cosmetic argan oil

This list of top Moroccan beauty trends would be incomplete without the cosmetic argan oil famous for its excellent properties. Think about its multiple dermatological virtues and unique nutrient-richness because they make it one of the most expensive and valuable oils in the world. The agricultural extraction of argan oil is a complex process that takes a lot of patience and expertise. You can easily see it when shopping at local bazaars.

In the past, it was a well-kept secret. The good news is that argan oil is used worldwide these days. Traditionally, it was applied as an effective topical ointment for different diseases, including acne, eczema, dry skin, wrinkles, psoriasis, hair loss, skin inflammation, joint pain, and others. Now, this fantastic oil is proven to be an effective anti-sebum with excellent moisturizing benefits. Add it to your moisturizing regimen and oil your hair to combat split ends and dryness.

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