Hymenal Skin Tags Removal at Home – 3 #FDA Listed Creams

hymenal tag removal

Hymenal tags are not only irritating but also embarrassing. Not everyone is comfortable in being open about this issue. Hymenal tags are also known as genital tags or vaginal tags.

They are soft skin growth and are small in size. Genital tags look like very small pillows or small deflated balloons. Hymenal tag grows on a stalk on the skin, which is why it usually looks raised.

The genital or vaginal tags can grow at any time irrespective of the age. These skin tags have no harmful effect. But can be irritating when rubbed against skin or clothes, which can cause bleeding too. Most of the women are unknown to skin tags on hymen and the reason for their appearance.

girl with hymenal skin tags

Commonly, people grow a skin tag at least once in their life. Most common are hymenal tags in women.

However, the skin tag in hymen usually become an aesthetic concern among women, they are completely harmless and do not pose and any health risk. The hymenal tag is non-malignant in nature.

Most of the women opt to get the hymenal tag removed by surgery. While most women are shy and scared to approach a doctor regarding this issue.

Well, hymenal tags can be removed at home too by taking necessary and precautionary measures.

You can too remove the hymenal tag at home. There are various effective creams in the market which can help you remove the hymenal tag at home safely and save yourself from the embarrassment if you are a shy person.

What are hymenal tags?

Hymenal tags are small deflated balloon like skin growth protruding in the hymen area. They are raised in a stalk called peduncle. The color of the hymenal tag is usually same as of the skin or darker than the skin color.

They are usually very small and tiny in size. Their size varies from 2 millimeters to 10 millimeters. In some cases, the hymenal or genital skin tags can be larger in size too, even as big as the size of the grape.

The hymenal tags are usually confused with genital warts too, as many women do not have much knowledge about genital tags. The genital warts are contagious in nature while genital tags are harmless and are not contagious. It is must for you to learn and know about hymenal tags.

What causes hymenal tags?

There are no known and concrete reasons for the occurrence of hymenal tags. The doctors and scientists have derived six reasons which can be the causes of hymenal tags:

• Genes: Genes can be one of the major cause of having a skin tag. One can inherit growing a skin tag genetically. If there is any member of your family who has a skin tag then you too can most likely develop a skin tag too.

• Friction: Another most common cause of growing a hymenal tag derived by doctors and scientists is friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes.

The skin tags are also found around the neck area, under our armpits or breasts, these are areas where a lot of friction occurs. Continuous friction between skin to skin or skin and clothes is a major reason for these growths in the genital area.

• HPV: The hymenal skin tags can be sexually transmitted too. Usually, genital warts are caused by STD, which is why genital warts are confused with genital tags. In a research in 2008, around 18 skin tags of tested patients showed positive results for HPV DNA.

• Obesity: Obesity is another reason for skin tag. Skin tags usually developed by obese people. Due to larger body size, there is more skin to skin friction, which causes hymenal tags.

• Pregnancy: During pregnancy women experience hormonal changes, which increases the chances of hymenal tags growth. Women’s body also changes during pregnancy, which causes the skin to skin friction, and develops hymenal tags.

• Insulin Resistance: In 2010, scientists studied that people who were insulin resistant had multiple skin tags. The scientists also studied that the people who had multiple skin tags also had a high level of triglycerides and high BMI (body mass index).

Hymenal tag Removal at Home (No Surgery)

Removing hymenal tag by surgery is a painful process and many women do not get it removed because of the fear of pain.

My wife also grew a hymenal tag and was shy and scared to get it removed by the doctor because of the pain.

Then we came across H Skin Tag Formula, which is a natural cream to remove skin tag easily and painlessly at home. She used the cream by taking necessary step and precautionary measures and got rid of her skin tag painlessly.

You can use these natural and herbal cream which can help you remove the hymenal tag at home easily:

1. H Skin Tag Formula

h skin tags formula for hymenal tags

The ‘H Skin Tag Formula‘ is product introduced by Healing Natural Oils. This product is introduced with a vision to help people remove skin tag naturally at home without suffering any pain or leaving scars.

The formula is completely made of natural ingredients which makes sure that it does not cause any side effects to your skin. The natural ingredients in it are- citrus lemon blend, thuja occidentalis leaf, essential oils blend, calendula officinalis 12C, whole plant, Melissa officinalis blossom, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf branch.

You can apply this formula to your skin tag and it helps to fade away the skin tag leaving a clearer skin. The result starts to show in a week or two. However, the results depend upon the stubbornness of the skin tag and it may vary from person to person.


H Skin Tag Formula Pros

  • Safe solution to remove the skin tag, without any side effects.
  • Painless to remove skin tag
  • Natural ingredients are gentle on skin.
  • Can be used for skin tags on any body part like eyes, armpits, neck or genitals.
  • Fades away the skin tag without leaving any scars.

H Skin Tag Formula Cons

  • Has a strong odour.
  • Can be stingy to some people.

2. Haloderm Advanced Skin Tag Remover

haloderm advanced tag removal cream

The Haloderm Advanced Skin Tag Remover cream is a fast and effective way to remove skin tag. This cream is known to remove five skin tags on any part of your body, that too within 8 hours. Removing skin tags with this cream is better undergoing through surgery or laser treatment.

The cream is made of completely natural ingredients. And the company claims that this cream removes Skin tags completely or you will get your money back.



  • Safe and effective way to remove skin tags.
  • Results visible in 8 hours.
  • Completely natural without any side effects.
  • Highly cost effective as compared to surgeries and laser treatments.
  • Works on skin tags on any part of your body.


  • A slightly strong formula, therefore not much safe to be used on eyelids.
  • Some people might suffer slight irritation.

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3. SkinPro EXTREME Skin Tag Remover

skin pro extreme hymen tag removal

The SkinPro EXTREME Skin Tag Remover helps to get rid of annoying and embarrassing skin tag fast and effectively. This skin tag remover cream is made especially with medical grade physician level three formula and concentrated with pure salicylic acid for around 25%.

This formula completely removes the skin tag with root and abolishes any chances of reoccurrence of skin tag on that place. Can be used at home safely and easily. The solution comes with a brush. You need to dab the brush in the formula and apply it on and around the skin tag. The skin gradually falls off and it will not reoccur again.



  • Fast and effectively removes skin tags.
  • Can be used on any part of the body.
  • Can permanently remove multiple skin tags.
  • No chances of any skin risks or side effects.
  • Highest potent skin tag removal cream.


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Can burn a little bit, therefore, it is advised not shave after applying the formula.


Hymenal tags are not harmful, but women can get it removed easily at home by using the above-mentioned creams and formula. You can easily use these creams and formula to effectively and permanently remove the skin tag at home and save yourself from the embarrassment and irritation. Removal of hymenal skin tag is cost effective too. The reviews are based on usage by many people and showing effective results on them. However, the result may differ from person to person.

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