12 Cancerous Moles Early Signs ~ Advanced Melanoma Symptoms

cancerous moles early signs

If you feel Cancerous Moles Early Signs or Advanced Melanoma symptoms then it’s the time to take it seriously and visit your Doctor (dermatologist). We will learn physical symptoms of melanoma and more about these early signs of Cancerous Moles.

Cancerous Moles Early Signs and Symptoms

Moles are growths on the skin and it can appear anywhere, usually, they are brown, tan or black in color. They are oval as well as the round in shape. They appear alone or sometimes in groups. Moles occur when cells instead of spreading throughout the skin, make clusters on a specific area. You can read here the important types of moles. It is normal to have moles anywhere on your body, but if the mole keeps on changing the color or increasing in size then, it might be alarming for you. The early signs and physical symptoms of melanoma which indicate that the mole is cancerous are following:

Swelling and Soreness

Moles are benign (non-cancerous), but they can be cancerous sometimes. In case you experience swelling, inflammation or itchiness in your mole which is hurting you badly then, you should consult the dermatologist, as soon as possible.

If you are at the early stage of occurring moles then I recommend you to try any of these 3 best mole removal cream at least for 2 months that will help you in getting rid of unwanted moles. If the problem still persist then you should consult your skin doctor.

Asymmetric Mole

Asymmetric Mole
Usually, moles are symmetrical. They are either oval or round shape. If the mole appears anywhere on your body without any symmetry and irregular borders and keeps growing, then it is definitely because of melanoma, a malignant tumor of melanocyte (a type of cancer).


Thickening of Mole

If the diameter of mole starts increasing, there is a change in size, rapid, thickening or raising size of a previously flat mole, then, you should take it seriously and consult a doctor.


If you have sensations in your mole like tingling, burning, pain, bleeding and scaling, oozing, crusting are noticeable then you should go for the check because normal moles do not exhibit these properties.

Abnormal Number of Moles

If you have an abnormal number of moles throughout your body, then you should consult a doctor. A normal person has 25-30 moles on its body. Many people can have more or less than this, but people who have abnormal growth of moles on the body is the indication of cancer.

Mole larger than 4mm

Moles which are larger, than 6mmare considered abnormal moles. If the mole is that much big that it has risen above the skin surface and it keeps on growing and expanding day by day then, it is possible that the mole is cancerous.

Varying Appearance

If you have moles on your body and they are all different from one another, or these atypical moles keeps changing with time, then you should go for a checkup. Sometimes these atypical moles are cancerous cells.


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The Appearance of Cancerous Moles

Appearance of Cancerous Moles
If you see rough, fleshy-toned, pink or red mole which may be itchy or scaly and it bleed or scab also, then it is a cancerous mole, and you should alert yourself and treat it properly.


If you note any changes concerning shape, size, color, and features in your mole, then it could be the sign of catching cancer. Instead of ignoring it you should take it seriously and consult a doctor. Otherwise, it will harm you badly.

Redness beyond the border of Mole

If there is severe redness in the area, which surrounds the mole, hurt too much and spreads oddly with time is the sign to focus. If not stopped, it can expand on the large area as well and cause an adverse effect.

Sore does not heal

If you are having sore or rough, fleshy mole which is not healing with time and getting worst day by day then it should be alarming for you. Usually, wounds heal in 6-7 days or more, but if one is not healing certain time, then you should go to the doctor for proper diagnosis.

THE Spread of Pigment

The pigmented moles are usually cancerous. If the pigment is spreading outside the surroundings of the mole, then you should observe it and diagnose it. If it is ignored, it can get you in big trouble. So the proper diagnosis is important for any disease.

Usually, cancerous moles cause skin cancer. It is the most common type of cancer it can be treated if diagnosed earlier. Instead of ignoring slight changes in your body, you should take them seriously and self-check yourself. A slight change can bring a drastic difference in your body. If you notice itching, pain, bleeding, irritation, oozing, ulceration, swelling, crusting or any other symptom like this then, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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