How to Remove Moles/Skin Tags Permanently at Home (Naturally)

remove moles and tags ebook

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The Danger of Having a Cancerous Skin Tag or mole


The less-expensive, pain-free Methods for you to remove your moles easily!


In this book, I have compiled my self-researched data from high-accuracy Medline indexed sources, experimented on my own body and then got them validated from the herbalist and natural medicine experts.

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Here just for a 9.90$ price, you will find the proven ways and therapies that will help you get rid of the dreaded skin tags and moles the organic way.


Did you know that a mole removal surgery costs you around 2000$+ having an additional cost of medications and cautions post-surgery period?



  • The pain when your surgeon makes a cut using his scalpel around the mole…
  • The pain when the mole or tag is removed…
  • The pain when the surgeon sutures the wounded area…


…it all deepens with the depth of your mole!


Okay, if you choose the other way that is laser mole removal therapy or cryotherapy mole and skin tag removal still costs you around 1500+ US Dollars—let’s forget about the aftercare medicine costs.


So, now it is time for you to take a wise step!


The goal is the same—removal of a mole or a stubborn skin tag.


Which option would you choose now?


1. The expensive, pain-induced thousand dollars modern knife-suture way?


2. My herbalistic, pain-free, holistically natural remedies—the mere TEN dollar way?


eBook consists of my herbal and natural remedies to remove your moles and skin tags at home. Here you do not need to buy a heck-load of cosmetic products nor any prescription medicines. Everything you use is organic and completely free of harms and side effects.


Also, this procedure is a hundred percent pain-free, evidence-based.


Moles and skin tags appear unsightly and derail your self-esteem.


They irritate you while getting on a fitting cloth or rubs up against your newly adored golden necklace.


They are prone to skin infection while you do your household chores and kitchen work when injured a little.


A big concern is a CANCER. Yes, your moles and skin tags have a tendency to turn up into cancer… without you noticing that for the reason that not even your physician knows.


Skin tags often get snag on your new pair of earrings or get stuck in your clothing zippers when you are taking them off, bleeds and results in pain and inflammation.


If they are near your eyes, they may obstruct and may affect your vision.


So, it is always better to get them removed unless you love looking yourself as a Halloween witch’s costume in a mirror.


But… what are some removal options?


There are two options before you:

  1. Surgical or Laser removal procedure
  2. Natural home-based pain-free removal therapies


Surgeries have way more downsides than your physician’s words.


In surgery there is an insurmountable amount of pain involved because of cutting the mole with a scissor, numbing the area, freezing with liquid nitrogen or using electrocautery for burning the tag.


You need a huge list of prescription drugs, creams that costs you some good numbers in dollars with some possible side effects.


Also, like every surgery out there, a mole removal or skin tag removal surgery too will leave off a scar. Also, the site of the surgery may get infected, which leads to another complication.


After these… the cost for surgeries and laser treatment is in THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!!!